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Second Single: Winter Thoughts


Are you in a winter mood at the moment? If yes then you might like to listen to my second single Winter Thoughts. It contains besides the already known album version of Winter Thoughts (from He Is Waiting…) an older version of the piece from 2010. The single is – like the first one – digital, so for downloading or streaming. More information can be found on the shop site.

You can listen to the track Winter Thoughts via SoundCloud and YouTube. Piano sheet music will follow soon!

Winterly greets by Freigefyhl ***

Piano Sheet Music and Images in the New Download Section


I just opened a download section, where you can get free piano sheet music and images. 🙂

Sheet music of “Summer Rain” is already available, the other piano pieces will follow. If you play my music and make a video of it please send me the link. I’m excited to listen to somebody playing my music and I am pleased to share your video. The images are the Freigefyhl-logo, the two cd covers, the headers and the profile picture. You can use it on your website to link to one of my sites or for private purposes.

I removed the live/gigs-area of the website because I would like to concentrate on composing, so that I can present you some new piano pieces soon. 🙂

My first single Summer Rain is now available 🙂


My first single Summer Rain contains the album version of Summer Rain plus one older version of it, recorded in 2007. It’s a digital distribution so that there are no CDs, but only downloads, streams and a video. On YouTube and Spotify you can listen to Summer Rain in full length. Enjoy listening and feel free to share the video with your friends. 🙂

Special thanks to Skipper Photography (Website, Facebook) for the beautiful cover photo!

Gig at the concert “Musikschöpfungen” in Brunswick, Germany

2015-09-15Flyer: Freigefyhl at the concert "Musikschöpfungen" in the KaufBar (Brunswick, Germany)

“Musikschöpfungen” (German for “music creations”) is a concert evening for musicians and bands with self-composed songs in a cosy bar, the so-called KaufBar (Helmstedter Str. 135, 38102 Braunschweig/Brunswick, Germany). Next to three additional acts from various music genres I present 6 of my compositions, including “Summer Rain” and “Winter Thoughts”. The concert starts at 7:30 PM.

More information can be found at the website of EiKo e.V., an association for promoting self-composed songs (in German).