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1-year jubilee, thank you 🙂

It’s already 1 year ago, as my dream came true and I was able to record some of my compositions. On 19 May 2015 I released my album “He Is Waiting…”. I would like to thank every single person who listened to my music and supported my project. You all give me the motivation to continue and I hope you are content with the “old” piano pieces until the next album will be finished. I am looking forward to it 🙂

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Thanks to All Helpers and Supporters!


Before I start to plan the second album (yep, it will really come!), I want to thank all helpers and supporters of the first album very much! Most important are you, the listeners of my music, as well as the composer, sound designer, media musician and piano teacher Tobias Braun, who supported me before, while, and after the production of the first album and put the finishing touches to my compositions. I thank on the one hand the school of music Stage-Ahead for the contact to him and the composition lessons on attractive terms and on the other hand the school of music Neue Melodie, where I started to play the piano and was fostered extensively. Thanks go also to the recording studio klangBezirk for capturing my piano sounds so wonderfully. And finally I thank the photographer duo Skipper Photography and the hobby photographer Andrea Eichhorn (bunterbuntstift) for the awesome cover photos, as well as Marc Geisen for the creative logo. Detailed overviews of the helpers and supporters can be found on the new credit site. Thanks! 🙂


Second Single: Winter Thoughts


Are you in a winter mood at the moment? If yes then you might like to listen to my second single Winter Thoughts. It contains besides the already known album version of Winter Thoughts (from He Is Waiting…) an older version of the piece from 2010. The single is – like the first one – digital, so for downloading or streaming. More information can be found on the shop site.

You can listen to the track Winter Thoughts via SoundCloud and YouTube. Piano sheet music will follow soon!

Winterly greets by Freigefyhl ***